A web accelerator is a server-side app which quickens a site. Such a piece of software may work in different ways depending upon the site content, but in the general case all such apps cache content and deliver it instead of the web server. This is valid for both static and dynamic websites because the cached content can be simple text or database responses and the reward of employing a web accelerator is not just the faster loading Internet site, but also the lessened overall load on the machine. This way, you'll be able to employ a lower-end hosting package which will also cost less while your site visitors could still enjoy high browsing speeds. Few businesses provide web accelerators with their hosting deals and they often offer only 1, while we offer three different ones which will enable you to improve the performance of any type of website substantially.

Web Accelerators in Shared Website Hosting

Our shared website hosting packages come with three web accelerators which you could employ depending on the Internet sites that you would like to run. Memcached is used to cache database or API calls and responses, which could significantly boost the functionality of dynamic sites. Varnish is a popular HTTP accelerator that caches web pages and delivers them to the visitors faster than the hosting server after the first time they open them. Node.js is an event-driven platform used for scalable real-time apps such as booking websites. Depending on the web hosting solution you pick, these 3 apps may already be included or might be optional upgrades. Either way, you shall be able to pick how many instances of each one of them shall be at your disposal and how much memory they should use. These accelerators are provided only by a few web hosting service providers, including ours, and they could raise the speed of your web apps significantly.